Biogeography and community ecology


My main research aim is to determine why is biodiversity – and in particular community structure – geographically distributed in the way it is, and to identify the processes that domain the spatial and temporal dynamics of ecological assemblages.

I am particularly interested in the origin of the geographic patterns of biodiversity.

A closely related area of research is the organization of biological communities in time and space.

A less theoretical line of research – though quite important to study biodiversity in the real world – is the measurement of biological diversity and the biases associated with biodiversity data.

Finally, as biodiversity research is currently a ‘science of crisis’, I also work on practical applications for conservation and management of biodiversity.

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Joaquín Hortal

I am a biogeographer and community ecologist, working as scientific researcher at the Department of Biogeography and Global Change of the Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (CSIC).

I am also external professor of the Postgraduate Course on Ecology and Evolution of the Universidade Federal de Goiás, scientific collaborator of cE3c – Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes of the Universidade de Lisboa, and member of eBryo – Research Group on Experimental Bryology.

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