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Sidney Gouveia is now a doctor!

Yesterday, 7th February 2013, Sidney Feitosa Gouveia succesfully defended his PhD thesis at the Universidade Federal de Goiás (UFG, Brazil), entitled “Origem e natureza de padrões macroecológicos em anfíbios: antigas questões,...

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Sergio Chozas is visiting Madrid

Sergio Chozas arrived today to Madrid for two weeks of work at MNCN. We’ll set up the analyses for the effects of human pressure and natural dynamics on the structure of the sand dune plant communities he’s studying...

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Back from the IBS meeting in Miami

Joaquín is back from the IBS biannual meeting in Miami. An excellent (though long) week of talks and work meetings that has resulted in nice ideas and contributions to improve some of the lab’s current research, strengthen...

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