Mónica Gómez Vadillo starts her PhD

Mónica Gómez Vadillo starts her PhD

Mónica Gómez Vadillo has just started working with us, thanks to a 4-yr PhD grant from Spanish AEI, associated to project NICED. Mónica will be supervised by Joaquín Hortal and Emilio García Roselló from Vigo University. After more than two years of experience as a data scientist in the public sector, Mónica comes back to science following her long term will to work in research. During her BSc and MSc she worked on biogeography and global change biology of dragonflies and butterflies. For ther PhD she will use her expertise in programming and handling massive amounts of data to develop tools to assess uncertainty in geographical estimates of species co-occurrence.

You can follow Mónica at Twitter (@BioMolic), her Blog BioMolic, or ResearchGate.

About The Author

Joaquín Hortal

I am a biogeographer with broad interests in macroecology, community ecology, island biogeography, insect ecology, evolution, and biodiversity research. My main research aim is to determine why biodiversity – and in particular community structure – is geographically distributed the way it is, and to identify the processes that domain the spatial and temporal dynamics of ecological assemblages. I work as Scientific Researcher at the Department of Biogeography and Global Change of the Natural History Museum in Madrid (MNCN), a research institute of the Spanish Scientific Council (CSIC). I am also External Professor at the Departamento de Ecologia of the Federal University of Goiás (UFG) in Brazil, and Associate Researcher of the Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes (cE3c) of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon in Portugal.

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