Applications are now open for the postgraduate course “Measuring Biodiversity: How to get data, assess its quality and measure different aspects of diversity” that will be held between July 18th and 22nd 2022. This is a long-running course that I have been running since 2008 in several institutions of Spain, Brazil, and Portugal. Since 2011 it runs every second year at UFG Postgraduate Course on Ecology and Evolution in Goiânia (Brazil), and almost every year since 2012 as part of cE3c Advanced Courses program at Lisbon (Portugal). The audience is usually international, as students from different countries are accepted in both editions. The aim of the course is to learn how to think when measuring diversity, knowing the strategies available to measure several of its aspects, but also when and how these should be used. In this sense, it is a practical course without practicals, where the focus is on providing the big picture of what does measuring biodiversity means and the current limitations of different approaches, rather than on computing diversity metrics -for which you can find other courses on using R and other applications.

The course is particularly useful in the first year of a PhD, but it is also useful for MSc students, postdocs and other academics who want to get an overview of the current panorama of how to measure biodiversity at different levels, partially excluding genetic diversity for practical rasons. Applications are open for postgraduate students You can find more information, a detailed program, and instructions for application at