Laiolo, P., Arroyo, B., Bartomeus, I., Brotons, L., Cebrian, E., Delibes-Mateos, M., Gallardo, B., García, D., Hortal, J., Lahoz-Monfort, J.J., Leonard, J.A., López-Bao, J.V., Casamayor, E.O. & Tomás, F. (2021) Preserving biodiversity and its functions under global change. In CSIC scientific challenges: towards 2030, Volume 7. Global Change Impacts (ed. by M.B. García and P. Jordano), Vol. 7, pp. 75-101. CSIC, Madrid.

In the twenty-first century, biodiversity erosion has become a key scientific question at the time societal concern has increased. We propose theoretical, technological and policy-relevant challenges to preserve biodiversity and safeguard our options for future solutions to global environmental problems. We outline research areas to uncover naturally occurring processes, and to predict and mitigate the impact of global change.

Picture from an unmanned aerial vehicle at Ordesa National Park by Begoña García, extracted from figure 5 in the article.

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