Karoline Azevedo, a PhD student at the Federal University of Alagoas, is joining our group at MNCN for six months. During her master’s degree, Karoline investigated both sampling effort biases and macroecological patterns of marine annelids in the Southwest Atlantic. In her PhD, under the supervision of Richard Ladle and Ana Malhado, she focuses on interactions between humans and biodiversity in the National Parks of sub-Saharan Africa. Using digital data in culturomics analysis, she seeks to improve an approach to use this novel set of techniques as a useful tool to assess knowledge gaps and devise conservation strategies.

Her interests span macroecology, ecoinformatics, conservation culturomics, and assessing gaps in biodiversity knowledge. Furthermore, Karoline is an enthusiast of science communication, actively involved in projects such as “Mar à Vista!” and “Criança com Ciência”, in addition to the development of teaching and audiovisual materials to raise environmental awareness.

You can follow her research on ResearchGate and contact her directly via email.