Genoveva González-Mirelis, from the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research (HI) at Bergen, will be part of the group during a 1-year sabbatical, until August 2024. Genoveva is interested in modelling the spatial distribution of marine benthic communities and species, and here we will explore several aspects of modelling coexistence in benthic communities, and assessing shortfalls and mapping uncertainty in marine biodiversity data.

In his regular position as researcher at HI, she works in spatial ecology and conservation planning in the marine realm, using spatial analyses of ecological data to describe ecological patterns and inform policy makers. Her work involves statistical models and spatial statistics, published, habitat mapping, and the design of marine protected areas. Currently, she’s mostly engaged with Norway’s Marine AREal Database – MAREANO Programme (, which produces maps of biological and geological features that can support marine spatial planning of offshore areas. In this programme she is responsible for producing models of distribution of Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems across offshore Norway. These will be used to better plan e.g., offshore windfarms, which have recently got the green light for development by the Norwegian government.